Old ITK logo used for Apple Touch Icon

When the ITK logo was updated as part of the discussion Updated ITK Logo, its usage on the website, including the defined favicon, was updated, but not the “Apple Touch Icon” (see definition). For the longest time I have noticed that the icon used as part of favorites/recents in Safari on iOS was the old ITK logo.

The discourse source shows that the new icon is defined, but the apple-touch-icon is still being defined as the old logo.

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="https://discourse.itk.org/uploads/default/optimized/1X/71db04d41479c229accbe8bf0b99195f75f46770_2_32x32.png">
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" type="image/png" href="https://discourse.itk.org/uploads/default/optimized/1X/446cf4a415241d375dd075571f07c0ce79c703af_2_180x180.png">

Also, https://itk.org doesn’t define an “Apple Touch Icon” so it just uses the letter “I” in Safari favorites and it uses a screenshot of the webpage as the icon when adding to the Home Screen.

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@SteveJ Can you update the “Apple Touch Icon”?

@jamesobutler I was not aware that Apple’s browser ignores the favicon in favor of their own thing.

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Based on the links you provided, the attached 57x57 png should do the trick.ITK_apple_con_57px

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It appears you can specify other sizes for newer devices such as iPhone and iPads with retina displays. See https://realfavicongenerator.net/faq

Just following up that the Apple Touch Icon hasn’t been updated yet. Not sure if @matt.mccormick or @SteveJ has the ability to update for Discourse and ITK websites.

Thanks for the note, James.

The icon was added to the Discourse website – please let me know if it does not appear as expected.

We are working on itk.org.

@matt.mccormick I can confirm that I see there is a new icon being used for the Apple touch icon.

One thing I just noticed is that the discourse “icon” defined at https://discourse.itk.org/uploads/default/optimized/1X/71db04d41479c229accbe8bf0b99195f75f46770_2_32x32.png isn’t the same ITK logo as used in the header of the discourse forum and used elsewhere. It doesn’t have the blue accent lines along the “T” and “K” which give those letters dimensionality and it doesn’t have the eye or tongue for the snake. Not sure if this detail was removed by design for the low res 32x32 version or if it is just accidentally a slightly different iteration being used.

I think the official logo is the following from this specific post.

Great, thanks!

I think this was intentional because icon resolution limitations – correct @SteveJ ?

The itk.org website revamp has a nice higher res Apple-Touch-Icon (https://itk.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/cropped-ITK_Logo_512px-180x180.png) :+1: . Now, updating the ITK discourse to use the same one would be great!

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@jamesobutler good idea – done!