website revamp

@SteveJ and the Kitware’s Communication team have contributed a major refresh to ITK’s website! :nail_care: :tada:


We are grateful to ring in 2020 with a nice website facelift.

Redirects were set up for URLs from the old website. If unexpected 404 errors are encountered, please reply to this thread with the URL in question.


The new web site looks great, nice and modern!

A couple issues:

Where is this link?

These are being addressed.

On the “about” page, on the bottom where the logos are. Several of the links are bad.

Thanks – these are now all fixed.

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These are now fixed.

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Outstanding, thank you very much! :clap: :partying_face:

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Thank you for this very nice website!

I don’t find anymore the tutorials (previously it was on this page: Are there not available anymore? The part I was interested was the conversion between buffer array and itk::Image and inverse.

@Athius thanks for the note – we will fix this link.

The following may be helpful: