Image Registration Method Displacement 1 Example: Composite transform order

Regarding one of the examples on the SimpleITK documentation website: Image Registration Method Displacement 1 — SimpleITK 2.0rc2 documentation
In this example, an affine + displacement registration is done, but at the end, the composition transform is written as:
compositeTx = sitk.CompositeTransform([outTx1, displacementTx]), in which outTx1 is the affine transform.
As the sitk.CompositeTransform applies the first added transforms last, shouldn’t it be compositeTx = sitk.CompositeTransform([displacementTx, outTx1]) , to apply the affine first (given that we even initialised with the displacement registration with the affine by applying R.SetMovingInitialTransform(outTx1))?
Thank you in advance for your time and help.


Please see the following documentation on how the transforms are applied to understand the ordering: Registration Overview — SimpleITK 2.0rc2 documentation

Thank you @blowekamp!

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