Why ITK v 5.0.1 can not find the fuzzy connectedness method?

I want to use fuzzy connectedness method in my project. In the network, it shows that the itk::SimpleFuzzyConnectednessScalarImageFilter is available. However, I can not find a itkSimpleFuzzyConnectednessScalarImageFilter header file. The version of itk is 5.0.1. How can I use fuzzy connectedness method by ITK?

itkSimpleFuzzyConnectednessScalarImageFilter is patented code, and has been removed from ITK about 10 years ago.

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Is there alternative method about fuzzy connectedness in ITK?

If you are in a jurisdiction where that method is not patented, you could use the version from ITK 3.20.

@zandarina also wanted to use it, maybe she has updated it to compile with current version of ITK?

Alternatively, you could choose another region growing filter.