Dear all,

I installed the itk and i found that this file is not installed


I read that it is a patented algorithm and there migh be a directory for patented algorithms
but i do not find it. So can i add this file from somewhere else?.

is there any version which contains this cpp?

Or any similar code that does the same?

Thank you

It was removed from ITK 4.0 onwards. It can still be found in version 3.x, latest of which is here.

So i should replace the itk in order to use this function? Is there any easy way to add it in the new itk version?


No, because ITK uses Apache license since version 4. Apache license can only be used for code which is free to use (no patent licencing fees). And patent right holders want to charge fees, as that is the main goal of patenting something.

So that code can be added only after the patent has expired.

ok, so i will try to use an older version. Although it seems to have many errors when i compile it with the newer visual c++ . I will check it.

Thank you

Hi @zandarina,

Did you succeed in compiling the old version of ITK ? As I am facing the same issue

No i didn’t. i changed the method included in newer versions.

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