Where can I get code for the FuzzyConnectednessImageFilter?

I’m interested in implementing a fuzzy connectedness filter but I can’t seem to find the relevant classes in the current documentation. There is a category under region-based segmentation for fuzzy connectedness here but no classes are listed. Is there any material intent to add some in the near future? (I could be willing to help develop one if not)

Also, in the old documentation I can find the class here including the header file however the .cpp file is nowhere to be found.

If I remember correctly, fuzzy connectedness was removed due to being patented, see https://github.com/InsightSoftwareConsortium/ITKSoftwareGuide/blob/master/SoftwareGuide/Latex/DesignAndFunctionality/HybridSegmentationMethods.tex


Ah that’s unfortunate. Do you know of anything I could use as a substitute?

I’m currently looking into the the skfuzzy library, but it’s not really intended for image segmentation.