SimpleITK course at SPIE Medical Imaging 2019

Join us at the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference in San Diego CA, February 17 2019, for a hands on course, SimpleITK Jupyter Notebooks: Biomedical Image Analysis in Python.

This intermediate level course will start with an overview of the toolkit’s basic data elements, Images and Transformations. We then combine the two, illustrating how to perform image resampling. Having mastered the concept of resampling, we show how to use SimpleITK as a tool for image preparation and data augmentation for deep learning via spatial and intensity transformations. We then turn our focus to the toolkit’s registration framework, exploring various components including: optimizer selection, the use of linear and deformable transformations, the embedded multi-resolution framework, self-calibrating optimizers and the use of callbacks for registration progress monitoring. Finally, we illustrate the use of a variety of SimpleITK filters to implement an image analysis workflow that includes segmentation and shape analysis.

The course format is hands-on, participants will use Jupyter notebooks and the Python programming language to run code on their personal laptops (proficiency in Python is assumed). This approach will allow participants to follow along as the instructor illustrates various aspects of the toolkit, or strike out on their own modifying the code and trying options not covered by the instructor. This is your opportunity to interact with the SimpleITK developers in person, ask questions, make requests, lodge complaints, or give compliments.

Online registration is through the SPIE medical imaging site. For additional details and program, see the course website.

Enjoy SimpleITK
Ziv (on behalf of the SimpleITK team)


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