SimpleITK 1.1 Release Candidate 2

For this Release Candidate we have added Conda packages in addition to the Python wheels. Please download and test the new RC!


We are pleased to announce SimpleITK 1.1 Release candidate 2.

Release Notes

Please see the 1.1rc1 release notes for additional information since the 1.0.1 release.

  • Improvements
    • Fixes and testing for image file reading and writing of 64-bit integer images across platforms.
    • Added ImageReaderBase::GetRegisteredImageIOs method to obtain list of loaded ITK ImageIO modules.
    • Added sitk::Version::ITKModulesEnabled method to obtain a list of ITK enabled modules when SimpleITK was built.
    • Added optional wrapping of the CoherenceEnahancingDiffusionImage filter ( this will not be enabled in binary distributions ).
    • Miscellaneous build and documentation fixes.

Python Binary Downloads

  • Many binary Python wheels are available for download and testing. It is important to have the latest pip version to ensure correct wheel compatibility. To install the SimpleITK package:
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --pre -f SimpleITK

Anaconda Binaries

  • Many Conda packages for this release candidate have been upload to Anaconda Cloud on the SimpleITK channel with the dev label. These can be installed with:
conda install -c simpleitk/label/dev simpleitk
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