SimpleITK 1.1 Release Candidate 1


We are pleased to announce SimpleITK 1.1 Release candidate 1.

Release Notes

  • Improvements

    • Enabled 4D Images for IO, ExtractImageFilter, and output of JoinSeriesImageFilter
    • Enabled MINC IO by default
    • New Filters: ObjectnessMeasuresImageFiler, IterativeInverseDisplacementFieldImageFilter, UnsharpMaskImageFilter, RoundImageFilter
    • Added LBFGS2 optimizer to ImageRegistrationMethod
    • Improved Show search path for FIJI now includes in home directories
    • Improved ITK Modular awareness, include ImageIO
    • Superbuild upadate PCRE 8.40, SWIG 3.0.12, ITK 4.13
    • Many bug fixes and a couple segmentation fault issues addressed
    • The builds system is better and more robust then ever! Many new improvements and features!
    • Migrating examples, miscellaneous documentation and Wiki to Read the Docs:
    • Added and improved examples related to DICOM reading, writing and manipulating the meta-data dictionary
  • API Changes

    • Add ImageFileReader::ReadImageInformation
      • This add support to read meta-data from any support image file format of any dimension without reading the bulk pixel data.
    • added BinaryImageToLabelMap::GetNumberOfObjects
    • added optional MaskImage input to ConnectedComponentImageFilter
    • added SignedMaurerDistanceMapImageFilter::BackgroundValue paramater
    • WarpImageFilter now uses named inputs
    • ConvolutionFilters use named inputs
    • Added optional OrientedBoundingBox to LabelShapeStatisticsImageFilter
    • Added missing features to RelabelComponentImageFilter including SourceByObjectSize parameter and NumberOfObjects, SizeOfObjectsInPhysicalUnits measurements
    • Added LabelStatisticsImageFilter::GetRegion
    • Added MetaDataDictionaries to the ImageSeriesReader
  • Compatibility

    • DiscreteGaussianImageFilter, SmoothingRecursiveGaussianImageFilter now optionally take a vector argument for variance and sigma respectfully.
      • In Python the proceudal methods, DiscreteGaussian and SmoothingRecursiveGaussian may not work with with named arguments due to limitation with SWIG and overloaded functions.
    • N4BiasFiledCorrectionImageFilter now only takes uint8 for mask

Python Binary Downloads

  • Many binary Python wheels are available for download and testing. It is important to have the latest version form pip to ensure correct wheel compatibility. To install the SimpleITK package:
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --pre -f SimpleITK