Registratrion mpMRI prostate


I would like to register a T2w image (640x640x23) with a DWI (and ADC) MR image (116x228x25) of the prostate. The latter has a different size as it has been acquired using zoom. Origin of both images are (0,0,0).

I tried several ITK codes, but did not succeed to register both images.

In the end, I would like to apply this transformation on a segmentation mask as this segmentation has been created based on the T2w image, but I would like to project this on both the DWI and the ADC image.

Can somebody help me with this?

Many thanks!

Hello @Nathalie_M,

Before you continue writing code, please familiarize yourself with the ITK registration framework, and registration in general (likely what you are encountering is an issue with registration initialization).

Try using Slicer’s registration functionality before writing any code. This paper may be somewhat related to what you want to acomplish.

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