Registration repeatability

Hello everyone! I am stuck on one task, I need to register 2 identical images and do:

1.Write a loop for initializing the transformation with different parameters, and start the registration from different places.

2.Start the registration 10mm apart and then we run the registration and see if they get close to each other.

  1. I need to calculate the error by the error using the Euclidean distance formula (i.e., L2 norm) → Can I do that by a code?

  2. And repeat the process after point 2, but with different initial guesses. (For this, select one of the rotation parameters (e.g., Rx) and incrementally increase or decrease it.) Later run the registration and calculate the error.

I would be super happy if you suggest me a code or a tutorial on how to do that.

You could take a look at the examples, e.g. this one. You could modify initial offsets (in a for loop). Euclidean distance is easy to compute using final translation if your transform only allows translation. How do you transform rotation into Euclidean distance? The usual way is to have multiple points in the image, and evaluate discrepancy/distance between point pairs (corresponding points in fixed and moving images).

Also, you could look at “Resources” on ITK home page for more learning materials. Of particular interest might be registration chapter of the ITK software guide.

Thanks a lot, applying some of the suggestions now.