Post-reconstruction suppression of CT streaking artifacts?

Is there some source code available to deal with streaking artifacts arising from high contrast in CT images?

Here is an example axial slice:

The bright blob is a cross-section of carotid artery, and the streaks emanating from it are the artifacts I would like to suppress.

Here is another slice from the same image, after the carotid has branched a bit:

I am most interested in is suppression of high-intensity artifacts close the the vessels, which could potentially be confused with vessel branches.

@simon.rit Is there something suitable in RTK?

What RTK has is mostly based on iterative reconstruction but I guess you don’t have the projection images and the scanner geometry? I have never worked on any post-processing for such artifacts, since it’s motion and sampling issues in the tomography, working on it during reconstruction is more natural.

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