Patch extraction

Good day,
Could you please tell me, how I can save extracted patched from 3D image, so their original coordinates are preserved? My goal is to select some patches, so those, being combined together, form the original image. I understand that some properties e.g. origin should be changed, but I don’t understand which exactly properties should be changed (I’m just afraid to forget smth) and is there a fast way to do this without changing properties manually?

I have an image with size [512,512,512]. I am extracting patches from it using skimage function:

from skimage.util.shape import view_as_blocks
img = sitk.ReadImage(name)
arr = sitk.GetArrayFromImage(img)
windows = view_as_blocks(arr, windows_shape)
w = windows[i,j,z]
w_i = sitk.GetImageFromArray(w)
### add some translation so the voxel is on its original place

RegionOfInterestImageFilter should do what you want. Here is an example of how to use it. Of course, image format you are writing should support spatial position metadata. Your choice (nifti) does support it.

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I will try that, thank you for the reply