ParaView Glance: An Advanced In-Browser Data Viewer

Kitware is proud to announce the initial official release of ParaView Glance.

ParaView Glance brings together the latest web technologies for interactive scientific data visualization in your browser. It can be launched from web pages or from your desktop to quickly view volume rendered images, geometries, molecules, and much more.

ParaView Glance is built upon the vtk.js and itk.js toolkits. These NPM packages enable the creation of applications that run in web pages and that do not require a website visitor to explicitly install any software. The methods in these toolkits include GPU-accelerated visualization techniques, advanced processing algorithms in WebAssembly, and support for a wide variety of data formats.

itk.js is an exciting tool that enables the use of ITK code in JavaScript applications in addition to Python or C++ applications. The tool is not feature-complete, but ParaView Glance leverages it to bring support for a myriad of ITK-based file formats. We will share more about itk.js and related work as it matures.

For more information, please see the official announcement.