OrientedGaussianInterpolateImageFilter Python ITK

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I’m trying to port some code from Python ITK v 4.13.0 to Python wrapped ITK v 5.1.1 or SimpleITK ```
2.0.0 (ITK 5.1).

In ITK v 4.13 I’m using the OrientedGaussianInterpolateImageFilter to simulate blurring a 3d image by an arbitrarily oriented anisotropic point spread function prior to resampling the image. I’ve noticed there isn’t an OrientedGaussianInterpolateImageFilter in the Python wrapped ITK that comes from the repositories for Ubuntu 20.0.

Is there a similar function in ITK v 5 that I may just be missing that someone might be aware of?

Quick update. This filter is actually a custom made filter and not a part of standard ITK.

You need to add wrapping definitions for it. But that might already be done, and you just need to migrate that class to ITKv5.

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