Order o Rotation Euler3D

Dear All,

If I do a Registration of Euler3D. The result transform has a Rotation and a Translation.
Which is the first operation in Rotation. Is in X? Or is in Z?


Luís Gonçalves

Hello @Luis_Carlos_Carneiro,

The order of rotations in the Euler3DTransform depends on user selection, it is either ZYX or ZXY. To see which one, call the GetComputeZYX of the Euler3DTransform.

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I use SimpleITK



AttributeError: module ‘SimpleITK’ has no attribute ‘GetComputeZYX’

How to use this function in SimpleITK?

import SimpleITK as sitk
tx = sitk.Euler3DTransform()

False. Suppose that is ZYX?


If GetComputeZYX() returns false, then the order is ZXY.