NCI Imaging Data Commons @ MICCAI 2021

If you are interested to get a brief introduction and hopefully engaging demonstrations of the NCI Imaging Data Commons functionality, please join us at the “NIH Cancer Imaging Data Repositories for Biomedical Data Science Research” tutorial at MICCAI on Monday!

We will discuss how IDC can help you in your AI research, what is new since the last year when we presented at MICCAI for the first time, and will bring you some exciting news about new datasets available from IDC!

If you want to be able to follow the demonstrations at your own pace on your own computer, we encourage you to submit in advance the IDC cloud credit application form Application for Imaging Data Commons pilot cloud credits, indicating in the Comments section that you would like to utilize the credits as part of the MICCAI tutorial. We should also be able to onboard you with credits during the tutorial (as long as you have a google account), but you can save time by submitting the form in advance.

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