MHA File Format Question about Transform Matrix

Looking at the header for the .MHA file format there is a Transform Matrix encoded in there. We use the ITK Image reader classes to get at this information.

    MetaImage* metaImagePtr = metaImageIO->GetMetaImagePointer();
    double row_1_col_0 = metaImagePtr->TransformMatrix(1, 0);

The argument signature to the TransformMatrix are (i, j) which I assume is row and col or is that col row, i.e., is ROW=i or COL=i ?

Just need that sanity check. I’m dealing with .mha files and wanting to sanity check the image we are producing from the data. Is there a place that has both an input .mha image and the output image after transform for like a unit test possibly?

Mike Jackson

PR 2249 might be of interest to you, especially the unit test there.