Level-Set based not only on potential map

Hi guys, thank you in advance for reading this.
As the title says, I’d like to know if in ITK there is a level-set that uses not only the potential map for the segmentation. In particular, I’m looking for a level-set that uses both potential map and pixel intensity (something like the intensity average of the segmented areas).
I looked on the doxygen, but I found only level-sets that use only the potential map.

You could incorporate pixel intensity into the potential map during its construction? Hopefully someone more familiar with level sets implementation will chime in.

@dzenanz thanks for the answer, but it won’t work as I need. I need a level-set with the potential term plus a term that depends on the pixel value (e.g. average pixel value of the segmented areas).

ITK has the Chan and Vesse level-sets which is just dependent on the pixel values not the edges.

There is also theITKv4 LevelSet framework. This is a flexible framework which allows you to compose the terms used for the level sets. You can find some examples here and in the testing directory.

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