(Marco Festugato) #1

Hello everyone, I want to use the itkThickness3D filter in order to compute the 3D skeleton of my segmented blood vessels. I can’t find any documentation yet, so I dont know if with this filter (or another one) I can calculate some parameters of my skeleton (number of branchpoints, number of vascular trees, especially I need to calculate the “sum of angles” metric… do u know if I can calculate them with this filter? Or if with another one, which one?
Thanks in advance for any help!

(Matt McCormick) #2

Hi Marco,

Documentation related to the Thickness 3D filter can be found in its Insight Journal article.

@phcerdan @T4mmi may have other suggestions, too.

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(Thomas Janvier) #3

the paper @matt.mccormick pointed is the implementation of the skeletonization.
As stated in the GitHub readme this is a curvature thinning (one pixel thick/wide skeleton) build using itkBinaryThinningImageFilter3D.
Just be careful the ThicknessImageFilter is still buggy

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(Matt McCormick) #4

This PR addresses the segfault: