Hello everyone, I want to use the itkThickness3D filter in order to compute the 3D skeleton of my segmented blood vessels. I can’t find any documentation yet, so I dont know if with this filter (or another one) I can calculate some parameters of my skeleton (number of branchpoints, number of vascular trees, especially I need to calculate the “sum of angles” metric… do u know if I can calculate them with this filter? Or if with another one, which one?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Marco,

Documentation related to the Thickness 3D filter can be found in its Insight Journal article.

@phcerdan @T4mmi may have other suggestions, too.

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the paper @matt.mccormick pointed is the implementation of the skeletonization.
As stated in the GitHub readme this is a curvature thinning (one pixel thick/wide skeleton) build using itkBinaryThinningImageFilter3D.
Just be careful the ThicknessImageFilter is still buggy


This PR addresses the segfault:

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