ITK 4.13.1 has been released!

On behalf of the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) Community, we are happy to announce the release of ITK 4.13.1!

ITK is an open-source, cross-platform library for multidimensional image analysis.

Release files can be downloaded from

To install or upgrade Python packages with pip:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip
python -m pip install --upgrade --upgrade-strategy eager itk

To install packages with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge itk

This is a patch release that fixes critical issues, regressions, documentation, and compiler support. This release includes the addition of symbol name mangling for HDF5 and fixes to the name mangling for libtiff. A number of fixes were added to the NumPy bridge along with miscellaneous improvements. For more details, see the log below.

This release is also the first time packages are available for Python 3.7.

The next feature pre-release for ITK 5, ITK 5 Beta 1, is anticipated within the next few weeks.

Enjoy ITK!

ITK changes from v4.13.0 to v4.13.1:

Bradley Lowekamp (10): @blowekamp 
      COMP: Use anonymous namespace for internal linkage
      COMP: Update SimpleITKFilters for dependency issues
      BUG: Add missing extensions to ImageIO
      BUG: Add specification of OutputImage Type for TobogganImageFilter
      BUG: Prevent concurrent read/write in output image
      BUG: Handle case where output image is zero sized
      COMP: Fix overflow in floating-point conversion warning
      ENH: TileImageFilter learns to use VectorImages
      ENH: Update SimpleITKFilters remote modules
      BUG: Use pip to install cmake for release

Francois Budin (2): @fbudin 
      BUG: Initializes CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX to be empty
      BUG: Improvements to ITK NumPyBridge

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (1): @jcfr 
      BUG: Prevent gdcm "missing implementation" error on macOS

Jon Haitz Legarreta Gorroño (1): @jhlegarreta 
      ENH: Add Python wrap file to itk::MultiResolutionPDEDeforableRegistration.

Martino Pilia (1): 
      BUG: fix itkFormatWarning in Python wrapping

Matthew McCormick (13): @matt.mccormick 
      ENH: Add wrapping for BSplineTransformInitializer
      COMP: Do not use absolute path to TestBigEndian.cmake in GDCM
      COMP: Enable pthreads shim with Emscripten
      BUG: Allow module examples to be enabled when built externally
      ENH: Ensure external module examples get added to current build tree
      COMP: Work around RegionGrow2DTest compiler error on ppc64le
      BUG: Wrap long long instead of long
      COMP: Detect Linux in itkMemoryUsageObserver.h on Alpine Linux
      COMP: Wrap MultiResolutionPDEDeformableRegistration for Pyramid filter types
      BUG: Migrate to
      BUG: Correct Windows and macOS CastXML hashes
      COMP: Set CMake project command VERSION
      COMP: Bump CastXML for Visual Studio 2017 support

Niels Dekker (1): @Niels_Dekker 
      COMP: Worked around endless VS2015 Release compilation on Math::Floor

Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan (2): @phcerdan 
      COMP: Fix VNL to compile with gcc8.
      STYLE: Mark CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX as advanced.

Sean McBride (5): @seanm 
      STYLE: arranged/alphabetized things to make subsequent changes reviewable
      COMP: Fixed some missing name mangling of libTIFF symbols
      BUG: fixed crash on macOS under guardmalloc from RunOSCheck()
      COMP: Mangle HDF5 symbol names
      COMP: fix warning about implicit double to bool conversion

CC Community Package Maintainers: @gerddie @SteveRobbins