ITK 4.13.0 Python wrapping does not compile with VS 2017 15.7.4 with V14.14 tools

Hi - after having upgraded VS 2017 to 15.7.4 a few days ago, ITK 4.13.0 with Python wrapping does not compile anymore - there are tons of errors pointing to syntactic errors in MSVC/14.14.26428/include/… It seems that the problem is related to C++17-style declarations that are not understood by CastXML.

Anyone facing the same error? If there is a workaround, it would be good to know.


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Similar thing was happening with earlier versions of VS2017 (maybe 15.0, 15.1). Other than trying to upgrade CastXML to the newest version and not compiling using VS2017, there is little to be done.

Agreed - any chance that Matthew McCormick could update the binary packages in, since they are downloaded and used when building ITK if CastXML is not installed on the system? I guess that more and more users might run into the same issues, and building CastXML can be done (by installing LLVM etc.), but (with Matthew’s binary packages) can also be avoided.

@matt.mccormick is supposed to be back at work in full capacity on July 16th. If you need a solution quicker than that, try installing CastXML locally. In case you do, feedback about which versions work and which don’t would be useful.

@Sophonet @dzenanz I started to look at this – the source and builds are maintained here.

It looks like an update to the latest CastXML and LLVM 6.0.1 does not quite do the trick.

I will take a further look after July 16.

Also migrating the binaries to girder might be well timed then :smiley:

The ITK Python builds with Visual Studio 2017 have been fixed with ITK 4.13.1 and in ITK master. We also have new CastXML binaries on Girder. :construction_worker_man: