Image Stamping

Hello, I am trying to do a sort of morphological filtering on an image. I am not sure how to call this sort of filter, but perhaps it is already known in ITK.

Let’s suppose we have a 2000x2000 2D image, this filter would multiply the first 20x20 2D of the 2000x2000 matrix by a 20x20 matrix, not returning the dot product of those matrices, but the pixel-wise multiplication value. Then the matrix would move to the next 20x20 area (no overlapping between each ‘stamped’ area) until it has performed this for every 20x20 patch. This patch’s dimension will be generated using the dimensions of the full 2D image so it will always neatly finish.

Thanks for any advice.

Your operation sounds similar to convolution. You might also have a look at this.

But it is entirely possible there is no filter which does what you want. In that case you could accomplish your task using iterators directly or separating your processing code into a filter.