Hurry! Some problems about similarity measurement.

  1. I am doing a task, which is to rotate the reference image and the registered image to observe the change of the evaluation index. Is there any relevant code? I also need to observe different evaluation indicators. What are the evaluation indicators in SimpleITK? Are there MIND and LNCC and NMI?
  2. I also want to know how to calculate the similarity index of two images directly without the need for registration.
  3. I also need to use different evaluation indicators for image registration. If some evaluation indicators are not available, how can I add them to the registration framework.
    Please help me, thank you
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This example shows how to compute mean squares metric between two images without registering them.

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You may find this SimpleITK Notebooks usage of ImageRegistrationMethod:MetricEvaluate useful: 63_Registration_Initialization


Thanks, but I’d like to know how to wrap my own loss function into simpleitk for registration. I’ve read the documentation but still don’t know how to solve it.Do you know what to do?

Hello @ljjiayou,

Please see this discussion which describes how to add a custom similarity (loss function) into ITK and then expose it in SimpleITK.

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Thank you very much