How to pick filters available in ITK for 3D medical image segmentation

Hi All,

I was going over filters available in itk to develop and implement segmentation algorithm for a 3D CT scan image. There are so many filters to pick and choose for each stages of segmentation. Is there guidance on how to choose particular filters for solving segmentation problem of 3D medical images ? Any particular key points to keep in perspective while making decisions on choosing the filters ?


Going through all of them and trying what kind of output they give for your inages is a good approach. You can learn a lot that can be useful in the future for various other projects, too.

If you want to solve a specific problem then describe it in a new topic, attach a few screenshots, and if you have anonymized data then send a link to that, too.

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Thanks Andras will do. ITK team has been immaculate is helping to answer my questions that I have been asking since past 3 months. The prototype of my use case is in its final stage and then will enter validation phase. :slight_smile: Cheers! Jiten

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