How does itkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter manage memory?

I tried to use this level set, but it doesn’t run cause to “failed to allocate memory”. I made many tried and I have a question about this filter: if I made 100 iterations, does this filter try to allocate memory for 100 images? I think this is the only explanation possible, but i also think that a filter like this should allocate memory only for 1 image and then overwrite it after every iteration.
So, does anyone know how much memory itkGeodesicActiveContourLevelSetImageFilter uses?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Hello Ricardo,

I would be surprised if the filter was allocating as many images as you have iterations. ITK is in general well optimized (altough there are obviously a few bugs here and there that we correct as fast as possible). Do you know how large your input image is? (Size, pixel type). How much memory do you have on your computer? Do you only read the image and run the filter or do you run other filters too?