Help with import images from sequential folders ---batch processing using Fiji Macros

Dear all,
I am looking for help with batch processing in Fiji. I am new to programming.
I’m doing Cyclic-immunofluorescene.I need to combine 4-channel fluorescent images of the same tissue section of 10 cycles. I use HyperStackReg in Image J for images alignment. It works good. But I have hundreds of images for alignment. My images are saved in the folder like this:


I wish I could use Fiji Marcos to run a protocol automatically.
First, import 4 images from folder cycle1 ( in this folder, there are 4 different fluorescent images ), then convert them to a stack, then convert it to a Hyperstack.

Could anyone give me some advices to write a Fiji Marco to import images from sequential folders?

Thanks a lot.


Are you sure you didn’t intend to post this question on Fiji forum?