Has anyone tried to build Visual Studio C++ 2019

(Francois Budin) #1

Hello everyone,

I saw that Visual Studio 2019 had been released as a preview (actually back in December). Out of curiosity, has anyone tried to build ITK with it and has anyone encountered any problem?

(Matt McCormick) #2

We have see reports in the GitHub issue tracker from a Visual Studio developer (they are using ITK in their regression test suite). The reported issues have been resolved.

(Dženan Zukić) #3

Even Visual Studio 2017 is not quite stable yet, so I did not dare try 2019 yet. I had a feeling they will simply declare VS2017 “finished”, publish VS2019, and keep updating it as they had VS2017 so far. This is just my impression, though.

(Francois Budin) #4

I tried to compile ITK with it and it was failing on some vnl targets. I’ll test it again after the next preview is released :slight_smile: