Getting Displacement Data for specific points

I successfully applied the following type of registration, and would like to query specific points within the image and get the corresponding displacement for each point in the image.

I have a composite outTx and can’t figure out how to extract singular point transforms through this method. I would like to eventually get the displacement in pixels for specific points throughout the image.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!!

You might need to use the inverse of the registration transform.

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@dzenanz ,
Is there a function that will allow me to pick a certain point in the fixed image, then determine the inverse transform values for the specific point?

How about invTx = outTx.GetInverseTransform(), and then use invTx.TransformPoint()?

Does TrasnformPoint() get the transform applied to the specific point (ie. translation)? I am more interested in the number than just transforming a specific point

Yes, when you transform a point, you get the transformed coordinates.

You can get translation from the transform, via outTx.GetTranslation(), see GetTranslation() docs.


Or do I just then need to extract the points of interest from the list of parameters?

Wonderful, I will give this a shot. Thank you so much @dzenanz !!!

So once I get the translation, these values will be in physical units, so I need to use GetSpacing() to convert to pixels correct??

You can convert physical coordinates (e.g. points) to pixel indices via TransformPhysicalPointToContinuousIndex() or TransformPhysicalPointToIndex.

@dzenanz I tried using this code, but kept getting errors at this point. Is this because my outTx is a composite transform? Is it possible to invert Composite Transforms?

Thank you!

Yes, see:

After transforming points, you should also check whether they are inside the image before trying to use their indices.