Get 2D Bounding box from a 3D bounding box of a labelled image

Hi I have a use case where I have got 3D segmented image. I extract 3D bounding box info from shape stats. For example VOI Shape Stats: 45 Physical Size 2019.880133789592 Bounding Box: (239, 215, 0, 93, 85, 20) Now For label “45” I need to further get only 2D bounding box across each Z slice ranging from from 0 - 20 in 3D bounding box info. So I expect outcome to be something like 2D bounding box for 0 th z slice be (250, 220,20,30) and so on. Any ideas? Other option I think is to to get shape stats for each 2D slices post 3D segmentation? Thanks Jiten

Hello @Jigabytes,

There is no way to obtain the 2D bounding boxes from a given 3D bounding box, the other way round, computing the 3D bounding box from the 2D ones, is possible (min, max on the list of min2D, max2D coords).

If you need the bounding boxes per slice you will have to compute them on a per slice basis.


Thanks @zivy for your feedback. Post 3D segmentation I can perform shape and intensity analysis per slice basis. Thanks Jiten!