gap filling of breaks between vessels

Hi, Is there any functionality in itk for gap/hole filling specific to vessels? something like this tensor voting method: Risser, Laurent, Franck Plouraboué, and Xavier Descombes. “Gap filling of 3-D microvascular networks by tensor voting.” IEEE transactions on medical imaging 27.5 (2008): 674-687.

We have pre-processed enhanced our imaging data and applied vesselness filters, but there are still some breaks in the vessel structure segmentations that need to be joined before generating the surface mesh for centerline extraction.

Perhaps @Stephen_Aylward could comment.

You might want to consider using ITKTubeTK. It begins with a centerline extraction method that is perhaps less sensitive to small gaps in the data.

The best way to get started with it is to explore the examples:

Let me know if you have any troubles.

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