Gantry rotation when generate DRR

I want to rotate the gantry and couch when generating the DRR image. An Euler transformation is used to rotate the input volume to simulate the couch rotation. What else can I use to rotate the gantry? Can I use Euler transformation to rotate gantry and couch simultaneously? Is the SiddonJacobRay tracing algorithm useful for simulating different gantry rotations

Maybe @simon.rit or @LucasGandel could answer this.

You can use the same Euler rotation to compose the two rotations. From the x-ray imager point of view, this is one rigid transformation. The Siddon algorithm is a ray casting through a volume so as long as you place the source and the detector correctly with respect to the patient CT volume (or reciprocally, the patient CT volume with respect to the source and the detector), it should do the job yes.

Dear simon, thanks for your reply! I have tried to compose two Euler rotations these two days and finally it was successful!

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Sharing your code might help someone in the future with a same or similar question.