Failure Case with QuadEdgeMesh and Cuberille

Hello all!

I’ve run into a bug in the Cuberille remote module, and have finally gotten it down to an MCE which reproduces the issue. I’ve posted a more detailed description of the problem as a github issue, but wanted to post here as well for greater visibility. In brief, there are certain cases (surprisingly common in my datasets) where, in order to extract a proper manifold surface from a segmentation image, it is necessary to create two distinct edges which connect the same two vertices. itk::QuadEdgeMesh::AddFace refuses to create an edge between two vertices which are already connected by an edge. This is the correct behavior in most circumstances, but results in a bug here. I’m not entirely sure how to approach fixing this issue, and was hoping someone in the group could provide some guidance.

Best, and thanks in advance!