extracting a surface from a segmentation

Is there a any itk filter to do this? I tried getting the edges but the surface was not good despite a good manual segmentation. By surface I mean the outer border of a 3D object (the contor). e.g. if I have a hand object, I am looking to extract the “skin” of this hand (the outside skin part if the skin is think). I am not talking about generating a model or closed surface here.
I hope my question is clear.

BinaryMask3DMeshSource might be the class you are looking for. If not, see if there is anything else in ITKMesh group which might help you.

Also of interest is the Cuberille filters and BinaryThinningImageFilter


Thanks @dzenanz and @matt.mccormick
Not what I need. I will try to provide an example of input and output processed manually.

BTW, these meshing tools are good for generating models: