Extract Head Scan From CT Angiogram

I want to extract head data from a CT Angiogram which contains the neck scan as well. Is there any way to do this ?
This is how the data looks.

What do you mean by “head data”? Would you like to reconstruct a 3D mesh of the skull that you can 3D print?

This image looks really messed up. Maybe it is just displayed with inappropriate window/level. However, if it is captured incorrectly or went through some destructive post-processing step then you won’t be able to extract much useful information from it but you need to go back to where you obtained the image and get better quality data.

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Thanks for responding. This is a CT Angiogram and I have displayed it with window level 40 and window width 80. This is an axial data which contains the scans from head to the upper part of the heart (I am not sure what it’s called but you can see that it contains the neck region in the sagittal and coronal view). I need to remove everything except the brain and the skull (i.e extract brain and skull). So my question is there a way to do this using ITK or any other tools? If you can point me to a direction, that would be really helpful.

Hello @niruta,

Possibly take a look at the Slicer segmentation recipes from @lassoan, to see if those are relevant (skull stripping looks promising).

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Thanks @zivy for pointing me to a direction. I will go through it