Extract an oblique 2D slice from a 3D volume

Hi, can someone give me an idea on how to extract an oblique 2D slice from a 3D volume with a given thickness?

The resample image filter can be used to produce a 3D slice with a z-size of 1.

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Note that the resample image filter provides image of an infinitely thin slice. I don’t know if ITK has a dedicated thick slab reslice filter. If you don’t find any then you can extract a number of slices around the target location (with a few times smaller spacing than the original volume spacing) and combine them with min, max, or mean operation.


For this particular operation of reducing a 3D “thick” slab, there are a filters derived from “ProjectionImageFilter” that would also reduce the dimensions to a 2D slice.

More generally, pre or post filtering with an arbitrary 3D kernel may be useful for more precise control.