Doxygen with Github Actions and Pages.

I recently made some changes with the ITK Doxygen configuration to minimize the about of changes from night to night in the HTML generated by Doxygen. Minimizing the number of files modified each day enabled regular web caching based on modified time to work, and adds with small daily updated to a git hub pages branch.

I have created a GitHub repository here: with associated gh-pages here:

It also uses a described docker container, a steps so that anyone can easily regenerate and debug the Doxygen generation process. The GitHub Actions has been successfully updating the gh-pages for over a month now. Unfortunately, the searching does not work currently but there are likely options for Doxygen that should enable the functionality.

I’m not sure if there is any wider interest in using this infrastructure for main ITK Doxygen generation. Please let me know.

Also there is some specialized javascript code for advanced caching that may no longer be needed with the removal of daily modification of HTML file.


These changes sound useful. @matt.mccormick @kitware-sysadmin might be able to help.

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I recently merged a PR do fix some issues the doxygen processing file:

I have noticed that the ITK doxygen has a time stamp of Jan 18. After trying another web browser and clearing the cache to make sure it was not the odd ITK cache thing going on the old data remained. So I am concluding the the ITK doxygen has not been updated in almost a month.

I was able to check the GHPages based documentation, and it appears the ImageBase::~ImageBase no longer has the erroneous doc string, along with many other methods.


@matt.mccormick @dzenanz @hjmjohnson The nightly Doxygen has not been updated. Should this repo be move to the InsightSoftwareConsortium ?

Doxygen build succeeded without errors or warnings. Maybe @Jake_Stookey could look into blaster machine and why the documentation is not published?

@hjmjohnson is PR 3311 attempting to fix it? Or just make the existing process more efficient?

As for Brad’s ITKDoxygen, it should be moved to InsightSoftwareConsortium organization and the search issue fixed before we can switch to that as the official documentation build process. @blowekamp do you need any special permissions from Kitware sysadmin team to make the switch?

We can help if it’s something on the server end, but SysAdmins don’t typically get into the developer process of pushing this out. Maybe @matt.mccormick can look into it on Blaster?

The server to push it out to changed: it used to need to be pushed to, and now it needs to be pushed to (or simply which is hosted on that system). So that might be something to look into first.

I updated the script which was pushing docs, changing public into web. I guess we will know tomorrow whether that worked.

@dzenanz PR 3311 is not related to this thread or errors. That work is focused on making the wrapping easier to debug with the ultimate goal of fixing the type hints generation.

I guess that didn’t work. Docs footer still says “Generated on Tue, 18 Jan 2022 06:30:40 +0000”.

The repository has been moved to be under the InsightConsortium:

And the pages here: ITK: Insight Toolkit

There are some problems with the GH builds. Hopefully this PR fixes them:

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Most of the kinks with the ITK Doxygen changes have been worked out and address to the ITKDoxygen Github Action is now daily publishing the generated Doxygen here:

The search is also fixed, by using the client side search of the index. It may be slower than the server size, there is no option to run PHP on GitHub Pages.

What would it take to move “Detailed Description” to the top of the page? It is almost always more important than “Public Types” etc.

Minor: AddImageFilter docs look incomplete and strange.

What would it take to move “Detailed Description” to the top of the page? It is almost always more important than “Public Types” etc.

That has been like that, and is not a “bug”.

Minor: AddImageFilter docs look incomplete and strange.

Agreed. Something is off there. And the Sphinx links are broken, and the figures don’t seems to be working… many issue.

But it’s running right now. Lets get this currently proposed search fix/improvement in. And hopefully once the Doxygen on GHA is running regularly, the community can be help with some of the remaining issues.

I always assumed it is not a bug, but I don’t like this layout. Can we change it easily? If so, we could put it up for a vote?

It looks like a custom layout may be needed:

@blowekamp this is looking great!

Is it possible to publish and link to the html, xml, and tag tarballs in the output HTML? It looks like there is some work to upload the xml on GitHub Actions.

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Currently, the tarball for both the HTML and XML are uploaded as a single Github Artifact named “doxygen”. I’m not sure linking to the Github Action Artifact is the thing todo. Uploading the generated files to an archive like S3 or Kitware Data seems like a better location to store the artifice for public consumptions and downloading.

The other issue with the Doxygen generation/configuration is a “dot” executable issue:

Generating dependency graph for group Registrsh: 1: /usr/sbin/dot: not found
/work/ITK-bld/Utilities/Doxygen/Modules/ITKCommon.dox:24: error: Problems running dot: exit code=127, command='/usr/sbin/dot', arguments='"/work/ITK-bld/Utilities/Doxygen/html/" -Tsvg -o "/work/ITK-bld/Utilities/Doxygen/html/dot_inline_dotgraph_1.svg"'

The figures are not currently being generated.

Overall it seems to be working well it just needs a couple contributions and fixed to be :100:

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I am taking a look at this.

Right – I believe they are cleaned up after a certain time period. It may be better to push to a GitHub Release Artifact on the repository – for tagged releases, then a latest, etc. for the latest.

Generating dependency graph for group Registrsh: 1: /usr/sbin/dot:

Installing the graphviz package should fix this.

Ah, good suggestions. That should work well even for ITK tags too with a little more work.

Unfortunately it appears to be more complicated than that as it is already installed.

The above error message is picking up /usr/sbin/dot despite the package providing /usr/bin/dot. It needs further investigation.