Cumulative Gausian Optimizer for Registration


I’m trying to configure and set an itk::CumulativeGaussianOptimizer instance to run a registration ( itk::PointSetToPointSetRegistrationMethod<PointSetType, PointSetType >) procedure.
Nevertheless, I seem to find no example in the documentation, on the web, in the itk Manual nor in the itk forums.
I was wondering if somebody could point me towards an example if possible like the ones we can find concerning the itk::LevenbergMarquardtOptimizer.

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Michael O.

I think this is the example you are looking for:

I don’t think there is an example for CumulativeGaussianOptimizer, in case you were asking for an example similar to the one I provided in previous post.

Hi, thanks for your answer, but I’m indeed looking for a specific CumulativeGaussianOptimizer example used at a registration procedure. Since the optimizer (LM) presented in the IterativeClosestPoint3.cxx does not have the same configuration and settings I’m not able the run it when changing the optimizer type (obtaining a segfault).

If you decide to go through with using CumulativeGaussianOptimizer and get it working, it would be good if you contributed it as a new example for the benefit of others.

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I would like to ! I think I’ll post asap an unitary test containing a simple mesh loader and registration procedure with vtk/itk hoping that we could together -with every little advice of any interested person- collaborate to make it work.