Create sagittal, coronal and axial views using series of DICOM images

Hi every one,
How can I create sagittal ,coronal and axial views using series of DICOM images?
I can read them but now I want to create different views.
Thanks a lot

What you may need is the ExtractImageFilter:

It can collapse a 3D image into a 2D slice in desired dimension & index, which you can then display.

Thanks for the help! How could i do that when using my mouse (scrolling/clicking or smt like that) the window changes the slice to render? For example, if i keep pressing the left button and scrolling up, i would see the upper slices of my volume.
Sorry for my english and thank u in advance :slight_smile:

@Marco_Festugato this is more a user interaction or visualization question, and thus the answer belongs more to the VTK realm.

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Thanks for using ITK !

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