Combine shape stats from multiple labelled 2D slices

Hi, Post applying segmentation filters on a 3D image, I gather shape stats for each 2D slice. How do I combine shape stats for each of 2D slices into one data structure. Is there simple ITK filter for such operation or I need to do this in pure python and build data structure some map like form z -> shape stats Thanks Jiten

Hi @Jigabytes,

If you just want a data structure to store the statistics on a per slice basis I would suggest using a pandas dataframe. You can then easily run statistics on the values export nice looking tables and graphs etc. See examples in this notebook and this one.

Hi @zivy, I will definitely use pandas for my final list of labelled regions. Before that I have an unfiltered list of regions which I need to filter further. I wanted to save this unfiltered list of regions across different slices in one data structure so that I can apply my filtering logic on all regions across slices in one go. Thanks, Jiten