Can itk read RTplan files?

Can itk read RTplan files?I want get 300a 012c

@lassoan might be able to answer this.

DICOM tag Isocenter Position (300a, 012c) is embedded within a Control Point Sequence that is embedded within a Beam Sequence. ITK’s DICOM metadata API does not seem to support retrieving fields from such complex structure (maybe @dzenanz can confirm), but you can use a DICOM toolkit (DCMTK, GDCM, pydicom, etc.) to get the values.

If you want to edit/create, visualize, RT beams, create DRRs, compute dose, etc. using ITK and related libraries, via interactive GUI or C++ or Python scripting then you may find 3D Slicer’s SlicerRT extension useful. Comes with free, restriction-free open-source license.

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If I use slicerRT, do I have to use 3dSlicer? Can slicerRT be ported to my own program?

You can copy any part of Slicer or SlicerRT into your own program (Slicer and almost all its extension come with open-source license that allows you to use the code any way you want), but if you are building a desktop application related to medical image computing then you are most likely better off building your application based on Slicer (see SlicerCAT). You can also use Slicer via Python scripting or REST API.

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Thank you. I will try it later