Call for nominations to the 2018 Insight Software Consortium board

The Insight Software Consortium (ISC) is a non-profit, educational consortium dedicated to promoting and maintaining open-source, freely available software for medical image analysis. This includes promoting such software in teaching, research, and commercial applications, and maintaining webpages and user and developer communities.

Additionally, the ISC holds copyrights on open-source tools, including the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK), the Image Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK), and a joint copyright with Kitware Inc. on the cross-platform build tool CMake. By holding the copyright of these open source software tools the ISC cultivates an intellectual commons where knowledge and technology are efficiently shared across academia, industry and government, therefore promoting the progress of science and technology.

In 1999, the United States National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health awarded a three-year contract to develop an open-source registration and segmentation toolkit, which came to be known as the Insight Toolkit (ITK). ITK’s NLM Project Manager was Dr. Terry Yoo, who coordinated the six prime contractors who developed the toolkit. In 2004, the individual ITK developers incorporated the Insight Software Consortium (ISC), and the ITK toolkit copyrights were transferred to the ISC.

While the ISC was dormant in recent years, the board, consisting of Hans Johnson, Luis Ibanez, Joshua Cates, Stephen Aylward, and Bill Lorensen, elected a new set of officers, Matthew McCormick, Bradley Lowekamp, Hans Johnson, Nicholas Tustison, and Paul Yushkevich in October, 2017. The officers comprising the new board are actively forwarding the goals of the organization.

The new officers are seeking nominations for the ISC board. Board members should be interested in promoting medical image analysis software, ITK in particular, and seek to advance open science. The responsibility of a board member is to participate in meetings of the board, currently held approximately once every three months.

Please nominate your fellow community members who are good candidates for the ISC board by replying to this topic. Nominations will be accepted until January 1st, 2018. If a nominee accepts the nomination, they will be added to a ballot to be voted on by current ISC board members, and up to five additional members will be added to the board.

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I would like to nominate the following individuals to the ITK Board of directors:

These individuals each bring unique Insight and experiences to support a wide range of views for the InsightSoftwareConsortium.

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I would like to second the nomination of @bpaniagua, @jhlegarreta, and @lassoan.

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I would like to nominate for the ISC board

for their relentless effort in improving the use of ITK, for making the experience of contributing to it ever more joyful, and for expanding its availability for the advance of science.


I would like to nominate: