BinaryFillholeImageFilter: Insight Journal Paper


I am trying to access this insight journal article, but it does not load. Unfortunately, I am also not able to access chapter 6 of Pierre Soille’s book “Morphological Image Analysis: Principles and Applications”.
Can someone please provide a working link to the article?

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Hi @Sharada,

It is working, but it takes a bit of time, not sure if this is a problem with the data servers (cc. @matt.mccormick).
In any case, here you have the pdf of the article:
IJ-176-Label_object_representation_and_manipulation_with_ITK.pdf (290.9 KB)


Thank you!


Hi @Sharada ,

Is your experience different from this when visiting the page?

https___www.insight-journal.org_browse_publication_176_ (1)

What browser and operating system are you using?

The article does not load. I am using Windows 10 and google chrome. But the pdf that Pablo provided helped.

I am facing slowness as well. 20 seconds of the loading screen that @Sharada showed, plus more than one minute loading chunks. I am using Brave on Linux.

After waiting, I can access the pdf though! :smiley:

@phcerdan @Sharada thanks for the notes!

@Sharada what area of the world are you connecting from?

On Monday, when Sharada posted this, article loading was slow for me too - maybe half a minute to load the first page. And additional pages took more time to load, I think. Now it took a few seconds.

Oh, it was faster this time around because it was cached. I accidentally switched to the next publication and it took maybe 20 seconds to load the PDF there (100+ chunks).

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