Bi variate polynomial warping filter?

I have coefficients a b for a polynomial
X = a0 + a1x + a2y +a3xy + a4x^2 + a5y^2
Y = b0 +b1x + b2y + b3xy + b4x^2 + b5y^2

I would imagine there is an ITK filter for this type of transformation but I don’t seem to find it,

Can someone tell me which filter would work for this warping?



Are you looking to optimize this type of transformation?

  • I am not aware of such an existing transformation. Perhaps there is one in a remote module that I am not familiar with?

Are you looking to construct a displacement field or b-spline to apply such a transformation?

Hello @rfrank,

If you are working with SimpleITK, this notebook, section titled “Radial Distortion” has code that should be easily modifiable to do what you want.