Better positions of the subjects of registration

Dear All,

I am using the following example.

I have the following doubt. If I want to do the registration of two faces. Are a better (privileged) orientation/position of the faces for a better registration? Or only interest the relative positions of the faces?


Luis Gonçalves

Hello @Luis_Carlos_Carneiro,

The absolute pose(orientation+position) of the two is not critical and is most often assumed to be accounted for by the initialization which brings them into sufficient proximity so that the residual relative pose is recovered by registration (the iterative optimization process).

registration_method.SetShrinkFactorsPerLevel(shrinkFactors = [4,2,1])

I suppose that the above lines do not affect direction but defines sub-samples of the image.

Yes, these define the multi-resolution pyramid size and smoothing/blurring.