Beautiful display of 3d Segmentation on MPR view!

Hi every one,
I have a set of binary images which are output of my segmentation. I want to display the output in MPR view. Sth like what I attached to this post (Which comes from main page!).
For this purpose What I have done was rendering a volume from my set of binary images and showing this rendered volume on a MPR plan view using VTK.
But as you can see the output is not as beautiful as what I am seeing in main page. In the first image It seems that the yellow volume is an isosurface (not a volume) which is smoothly interpolated to the boundaries of some 2d binary images. Am I right? Do you guys have a suggestion for my purpose?
Thanks a lot

Hi Rasoul,
your guess is somewhat in the right direction. VTK would allow you to display your segmentation either as a solid volume or just its contour/surface. You may get some inspiration from the VTK Examples:

The vtk::ContourFilter may be of help in generating an isosurface from your segmentation data.

Also, you may prefer to post in the VTK mailing list, since they will surely suggest further options.


Thanks @jhlegarreta. I had an eye surgery and I was not able to work four these days…