Applying clustering algorithms to a volume surface

I’m trying to compare some OpenFOAM CFD simulations that reproduce the flow through an almost spherical object(the object is a reconstruction, with an irregular shape), searching for the one with the smallest cluster of wall shear stress. So, I want to know if there is a way of running a clustering algorithm on this irregular surface, like K Means, EM or other unsupervised algorithm. In other words, I would like to numerically compare the colormap plotted in slightly different shapes, taking the area and the mean value of the clusters as parameters to do this comparison, for example. Someone has ever handled a similar situation?

Welcome to the community Luiz!

ITK’s mesh processing capabilities are centered around conversions to and from image.

What you seem to be wanting is a polygonal surface segmentation. This is an example paper which deals with it. This is a dissertation of how to efficiently do it on GPU. I am not aware of anything close to that in ITK.

VTK might be closer. But I think that members of the VTK forum could direct you towards solution better than I can.

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Thank you, Dženan!
I’m going to analyse those references, but it seems they are going to be very helpful.
I’ve asked for help in the VTK forum as well, thanks for the recommendation.