3D SLIC Visualisation

As a follow-up from this question regarding SLIC segmentation in 2D, I was wondering whether there is any method or technique to visualise images in 3D?

Something similar to the image below from this paper.


To give some more clarity of my current process, I have 3D T2 MRI images which are NIfTI (.nii.gz) files. I load them and apply SLIC segmentation as follows:

img = sitk.ReadImage(img_path)
slic = sitk.SLICImageFilter()
seg = slic.Execute(img)

My original images look like this:

Hello @aliabidi,

I’d use Slicer to display the slices in 3D:

You can play with the sliders to get a specific view. The relevant slicer documenation, slice-view “Show in 3D”.

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