2019 ITK Community Survey

Dear Community Members,

The Insight Software Consortium is making long term plans for the continued prosperity of ITK. This survey will help us serve the community better and keep the toolkit viable and relevant to the scientific community for decades to come. We would like to ask for 5 minutes of your time to provide feedback. With respect for your privacy, results from the survey will be anonymized before they are shared with the community.

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Does it also cover the use of SimpleITK?

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i do not use SimpleITK now.

In a planned python project I am going to use SimpleITK.

With kind regards,


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The survey covers direct usage of the library along with indirect usage in dependent projects, like SimpleITK, along with end user applications that make use of the library.

Awesome. Thanks for clarifying.

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SimpleITK is proud part of the Insight Software Consortium and community, so it’s not an “in dependent” or third party project. I’d recommend to fill in “other” and include SimpleITK for those using SimpleITK.

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Thanks for the clarification @blowekamp !

The survey seems to require a google account. Guess I can’t participate. :frowning:

Already submitted survey. I use Simple ITK and its seems to be perfect choice for my use case in image analysis domain. Thanks Jiten!

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A Google account is required to prevent duplicate entries.