Where is CreateNewExample.py for ITKExamples

I built ITKExamples against an existing ITK 5.1beta1 build. But I cannot find the CreateNewExample.py in the ITExamples build directory (or source for that matter). Has it moved somewhere else? Or did I just mess up something?


So it looks like the CreateNewExamply.py is deprecated, and the new examples are to be created using cookiecutter. I tried that but cookiecutter fails at the download url generation, saying that group_name does not exist - which I can see in the cookiecutter.json file, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to fail at one more attribute.

I’ve created an issue in the repository. Can somebody with a better background please have a look? I’m happy to help in any way I can!



Hi @hina-shah,

Thanks for contributing to ITK and the examples! :sunny: :clap:

@jhlegarreta has is work in progress to fix the example cookie-cutter here:

Any thoughts are welcome. I will be mostly offline until Monday, but I will be able to take a deeper look next week.


@matt.mccormick is right. Sorry for having missed the message and the trouble @hina-shah.

As commented in the issue you opened, the cookiecutter way needs to be polished.

In order to create new examples, you will need to use the legacy CreateNewExamply.py by using a commit version of the repository prior to 07ba3d0 to get the file.

We hope to be able to have a go and finish the cookicutter alternative some time soon.

Thanks @matt.mccormick, and @jhlegarreta! @jhlegarreta commented on my issue and I realized that since it’s still WIP, my issue does not make sense. So I closed the issue, but I can help. But to add the examples, I’ll continue using an older commit version…

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